3 Reasons to STOP Doing Corrective/Mobility Exercises

Are you toiling away on a foam roller in search of some lost "mobility" or "tightness" in your body? Its not that your wrong or that this is bad. It just isn't efficient or effective.

By taking a foam and "smashing" your "bits" or body parts that’s not working your mobility. Your mobility is really your ability to control your body, which is an active process where you have to teach the nervous system how to actively control.

Foam Rolling is passive and does translate into an active ability to control your body. Attempting to "mobilize" yourself by foam rolling or doing "dynamic"or even passive/static flexibility does not teach neuromuscular or motor control.

Instead of correcting a mobility problem why not re frame and say you are restoring it. It's not something that needs to be corrected because there is nothing wrong. The body just needs a tune up and needs a sensory rich environment to relearn safe effective movement patterns.

Enter Original Strength Pressing Reset Workshop. By simply learning the basics of breathinghead control and crossing midline of the body, you reap massive rewards.

I get it breathing isn't sexy. It's not intense you can't track it, "PR" in it etc. Here is what it does:


"Diaphragmatic breathing balances out your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, allowing your body to function more optimally. It helps reduce the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol which are more often than not elevated due to stress-filled work environments and a lack of sleep, so commonly associated with 21st century living." 

Oh also:

Head Control isn't sexy either. But it is effective. Here is why:

Here’s why else Head/Neck Nods are so important:

" only do they improve posture, that improved posture reduces the amount of shearing and compression force on the cervical spine. That in turn reduces the amount of pressure on the cervical nerves as they exit the spinal column, allowing them to function properly (i.e. allow for proper signaling to the upper body appendages). Head Nods also “floss” the cervical nerves, and in doing so, increase the input and communication from the brain to and with muscles in the shoulders, arms, and hands, often times, releasing entrapped nerves (which decrease the function of the aforementioned muscles).

It’s very common for us to see increased ranges of motion not only in the shoulders, from Head Nods, but also in other areas of the body. Why? Again, because where the head goes, the body follows. Regain control of the head, regain control of the body."

Midline Movements look silly on the surface. Yet silly works. Here's how:

"Engaging in our gait pattern, or our contra-lateral pattern is what keeps your nervous system and your mind running smoothly and it is what keeps you reflexively tied together – on top of a sharp vestibular system which is also sharpened by breathing with the diaphragm.

Basically, all three of these principles, or these three things, were designed as a part of a biological and neurodevelopmental continuum. Simple, but not easy.

If you are ready for a more balanced approach to movement restoration, our November 11th Original Strength Pressing Reset Workshop will deliver the tools you need to perform at a high level, whatever the discipline.




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