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Does Cold Laser Therapy Work? YES!

Many of our patients ask us about our Laser Therapy, so I thought I would try to help you understand what it is and how it works. If you have any kind of deep tissue injury at all, you might wanna hear this...

What is a "Cold" Laser?  Cold Laser just means that it's not a Hot laser.  What's the difference?  Well, Hot lasers are the kinds of lasers that are used to remove tattoos, or hair follicles. The light that comes out of hot lasers is within our visible spectrum, and can get very, very hot...which is why it's only used for millisecond "shocks" at a time. This causes a reaction that damages something in the skin (i.e. breaking the biochemical bond of the ink or hair follicle). This is VERY different than a Cold Laser. Our LightForce Laser is an Infrared (IR) Laser, which makes it much colder, and nowhere near as damaging, than UV light from the sun or a regular light bulb. Therefore, the "Cold" IR Laser Beam has AMAZING health benefits.

When we use the LightForce Laser, the IR light hits your live cells at the detoxification center of your mitochondria (the powerhouse of each cell in your body). Collectively, the IR light energizes your healthy cells, intensifying and accelerating the detoxification process in your body. This includes additional blood flow and improved lymphatic drainage, as well as antimicrobial and antibacterial affects, which improve hydration and hydration of tissues, and encourages faster tissue and wound healing and allows for quicker recovery from injury and/or training. The laser feels warm, and it is very relaxing for muscles and calming to the nervous system. I like to say that the laser "brings more soldiers to the field...fresh soldiers."  In other words, when you have a deep tissue injury, (and the laser goes up to 3 inches deep to the skin; that's deeper than any other biomechanical modality available...i.e. ultrasound, TENS, etc) more circulation, lymphatic drainage, and detoxification to more cells, allows for more opportunity to clean up, heal up, and stay well.  

Maybe you're wondering what Class IV means.  Well, Class IV just means that it's better than Class III. A lot better. The older Class III lasers sent a beam about the thickness of a penlight into the body. Therefore, a much smaller surface area, and a much more superficial surface area, was being affected. Now there are Class IV Lasers (like ours!) that offer a much deeper tissue area to be affected (up to 3 inches deep to the skin; that's deeper than any other biomechanical modality available...i.e. ultrasound, TENS, etc). This biochemical affect allows for more detoxification in more cells in and around your injured tissues, and because it is a biochemical affect as opposed to a biomechanical affect of sound or vibration waves like ultrasound or TENS, your cells will maintain this improved healing process for up to 18-24 hours after treatment. This, plus learning to move well, equals better healing.

I see a lot of runners, weight lifters, and athletes in general, and I must say that my experience with the Class IV Laser is that it works best on extremities.  Hips, Knees, Ankles...Shoulders, Elbows, Wrists.  Anyone who runs a lot of miles knows that the older we get the longer it takes to recover.  Think about it.  Our bodies are detoxifying all the time, right? (FYI...it's not only happening when you drink all that lemon juice)  When we finish a run (even throughout the run), our bodies are continually rejuvenating cells, replenishing minerals and vital nutrients throughout our muscles and body structures, to allow us to run for longer distances. The healing process continues, and sometimes it can be painful.  Lactic acid can take a while to detox through the body, Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) can take a day or two to kick in and even longer to go away, and the cycle continues. The laser happens to make that process happen A LOT faster than it normally would.  

I've had runners notice improvement in chronic knee and hip problems within moments of their first laser therapy session. I've seen multiple chronic shoulder pain patients with limited range of motion improve significantly over time; a much lesser time than would have been possible without the Class IV Laser. So, what's your chronic painful problem, or your recent injury you'd like to take care of before it becomes a real problem?  Would you take a chance on the Laser?  Check out the research posted on our site on the LASER page. 

We're here with sharks with frikkin Class IV Laser Beams if you're curious. Click here to schedule your appointment and see how you can earn FREE LASER THERAPY TREATMENTS?!

Justin Klein Chiropractor/CEO

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