The Magic of Crawling

Crawling is great. We LOVE crawling. If you have spent any amount of time at GYBTH  or read our blog, check our social media updates, or maybe you've seen Dr. J or Colin crawling around the sidewalks and hills in Spring Valley: you know how we feel about crawling. It is a powerful and extremely important part of the entire neurodevelopmental sequence (the progressive development of movement patterns and strength that begins at birth and continues until we are vertical and throughout life). Crawling is one of the Big 5 Movements and an integral part of Original Strength. Original Strength "the foundation for all other strength training, movement systems, human development, physical restoration and overall life improvement systems." Its movement from the ground up; as nature intended. 

Crawling's greatest gift to the world of movement is the neurological adaptation it promotes. 

Some of the Reasons we Crawl:

The other gifts Original Strength and Crawling provide are the gift of hope and inclusiveness. It's movement for all people. With this is mind, GYBTH started an annual event call The Crawl on the Mall to bring awareness to the benefits that Original Strength and crawling provides to all humans. The best part? Its free and there is no barrier to entry. Anyone and everyone can crawl. It requires no equipment and no gym membership.

The 2nd Annual Crawl on the Mall with be a weekend full of ORIGINAL STRENGTH Goodness to Betterness to Bestness. Along with the VISION to educate the world about the benefits of Original Strength restorative movement, we also envision the Annual Crawl on the Mall to be the largest gathering of the Original Strength Family around the world! Washington, DC is a large metropolitan area, and we hope to bring together a very large network of gyms, studios, social groups, proactive people, coaches, doctors, parents, grandparents, athletes and policy makers. As Original Strength grows, so does our awareness, and while we hope to grow our family of coaches and educators, we are also excited to build a weekend full of competition,education, networking, clinics, workshops and even research discussions in the future.

The weekend will also feature the 4th Original Strength Pressing Reset Workshop hosted by Got Your Back Total Health. The OS Pressing RESET Workshop is intended for any breathing human being. In this workshop you will learn how the human body (your body) is capable of remembering the way it was created to move.  No matter your age, health, physical condition, as long as you are medically cleared to live your life, this workshop may change your life.

We look forward to making this an annual event year in and year out. Crawling has gained a lot of traction in the media of late as Dr. Klein was featured in the Washington PostToronto Star Tribune picked up the story. So did the Sydney Morning Herald. Uproxx picked it up. Fox News is covering the crawling craze. Cosmopolitan is also talking about crawling as a great form of exercise. More recently Runner's World released and article touting the benefits of crawling for runners.

Check out our official Crawl on the Mall event page on Facebook to learn more about the event, get updates and RSVP. We plan on having live music on Sunday and some sort of social event either Friday evening or Sunday after the event. We hope to see you there!

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