Don't You Know Squat? These "Resets" can help.

Last week we talked about specific "resets" for improving your body's ability to bend at the hip properly, ie Toe Touch. This week we will discuss the "Squat". The Squat is defined as a "full hip bend and a full knee bend", ie flexion at the hip and flexion at the knee.

Learning to squat as a child is a simple and organic process. As we age we unlearn this seemingly simple and primitive movement. We get things like "tight hips", "immobile ankles" or a "stiff T-Spine(upper back). 

We like to use a foundational approach at GYBTH, and approach improving the squat "from the ground up". The 3 "Resets" we use all tap into the body and brains inherent "reflexive stability. If you remember from last week, reflexive stability is is the precursor to optimal core strength and power development. It develops motor control and stability which is control in the presence of change. Quite simply Reflexive Stability is the body’s ability to anticipate, prepare, and respond to movement before and as it happens. 

What often happens is poor motor and postural control at the ankle, hip and t spine will create ankles and knees that cave in, hips that won't sit back or move and a upper back that pitches forward. We developed a series of "resets" that address all this "issues". Test out your squat then give them a try! Better yet, see how movements like your squat will instantly improve by attending our 4th Original Strength Pressing Reset Workshop. Spaces are filling up fast. Dont' delay! Next week we ill discuss how to tackle push ups!

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