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Flying. Blooming. Becoming.

Spring is Here!

   I can feel it. The confirmation is in the air, its the inspiration for all the smiles, the
influence behind the light-hearted moods. We are stepping into the season of awakening, animals rising from hibernation. Birds returning back home after abandoning the chill of winter, some animals shedding the weight of their winter coats. The earth is beginning to soften, becoming fertile ground to the potential that each seed will bring. Spring, the season for new beginnings, for awakening, for blooming. DC natives know the National Cherry Blossom Festival is drawing near, a cherished spring tradition. This month’s blog is centered around a series of short stories. Each planted here to inspire and nudge you towards setting a spring intention. Begin asking yourself powerful questions: what or who needs your attention in this season? What is awakening in your soul? What must you shed in order to step into your becoming? What seeds will you plant this spring?


I believe I can fly...

   He’s gleaming, further enhancing his chubby cheeks, the ones everyone but him so
mysteriously admired. Decked out in his royal blue, glossy cap and gown. Singing, well...more like yelling: “I believe I can fly. I believe I can touch the sky, see me running every night and day, I spread my wings and fly away...” That’s the earliest childhood memory I have, my graduation day from preschool. Standing on the stage with a bunch of other little ones, most not nearly as eager as I was that day. That memory has always stood out to me, for years I couldn’t tell why. Now, I sit with revelation. That young soul was free—bold—untethered. He was unblemished by the world and their expectations. He was confessing that he could be ANYTHING. Anything in this world. He believed that. I still do, scarred and all. But, if you’re like me, along this road trip of life, we have added some unnecessary luggage. Overpacked, so to speak—now, at the check point to our dreams, we are being asked to leave some things behind. Oh, that process can be daunting. We want to “arrive”, but it is hard leaving behind what we once knew—people, things, thoughts, old ways of behaving. What is more important to you: to stay on the ground or to fly? To die full or empty?

   Like that bright-eyed, glowing preschooler, I still believe I can fly. I believe that for you. I believe there is a person in you who is eager to soar. That person, that spirit refuses to give up. Your purpose is counting on you to mount the courage and grit to reach towards immeasurably more. It’s saying, “let’s fly, I know we can touch the sky.” To get there, it’s your transformation that awaits you.


“Keep your eyes on the prize, hold on”
   Bryan Stevenson, a renowned human rights lawyer, received the longest standing ovation in TED history in 2012 when he captivated the hearts of the audience with his powerful story. He concludes his conversation by describing an encounter he had with a janitor one day in court:

   Out of the corner of my eye, I could see this janitor pacing back and forth. He kept pacing back and forth. And finally, this older black man with this very worried look on his face came into the courtroom and sat down behind me, almost at counsel table. About 10 minutes later the judge said we would take a break. And during the break there was a deputy sheriff who was offended that the janitor had come into court. And this deputy jumped up and he ran over to this older black man. He said, “Jimmy, what are you doing in this courtroom?” And this older black man stood up and he looked at that deputy and he looked at me and he said, “I came into this courtroom to tell this young man, keep your eyes on the prize, hold on” (Gallo, 2014, p. 45-46).

The Power of Seeds.
   Michelle Obama, in her book Becoming, speaks of the opportunity, then a state Senator, Barack Obama was presented to be the keynote at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. Before the convention, Obama had been unknown, a gamble of a choice by presidential candidate John Kerry. “...in a roundabout way, he seemed destined for exactly this moment...Over years, I’d watched him inhale books, newspapers, and ideas, sparking to life anytime he spoke with someone...he’d stowed every piece of it” (Obama, 2018, p. 214).

   To the millions of Americans who watched Barack’s electrifying speech on July 27th
, 2004—it seemed that he had come out of nowhere, that his speech had made him a sensation. Well, truthfully, Barack Obama had been building for that moment all along. Behind the scenes, he was laying a foundation through his years committed to reading and listening to the hearts of those he encountered. When he stepped onto that stage in the summer of 2004, all that he had built was now being packaged and presented in the lime light for the world to see, to feel. It was the intentional planting and nurturing of his seeds, that gave rise to President Barack Obama. Life, beautifully, has a way of coming full circle—it is in the process that we are indefinitely

Grace for your journey.
We all need an anchor or two, to keep us grounded. Something, someone, or someplace that brings us back home. Consider these small gifts of grace, to support you on your journey this spring season. Highlight and incorporate into your life one or two...

30 minutes of a quick, heart rate raising activity helps the release of endorphins (aka feel good hormones AND promotes clarity). Also—try going for a simple walk, you may find it rejuvenating!

A cup tea!
Tea is an ancient technique for promoting relaxation while also filling your body with
antioxidants (they help your body fight bad stuff). Chamomile, lemon, and lavender are all tea calming options!

Light A Candle! Buy some flowers!
Certain candles such as lavender, rose, bergamot, frankincense, and sandalwood are great for encouraging rest, relaxation, and wholeness. Flowers are a beautiful way to light up your space and soul with goodness.

Journaling is a great therapeutic technique that aides in the release of built up mental, physical, and spiritual tension. What time of the day would work best for you? Is it a night, in the morning before you start your day, or during your lunch break?

Who makes you smile? For what are you grateful?
Give that person a call. Or—handwrite a letter, send a text, surprise them with flowers. Lots of research supports the benefits that showing gratitude provides to our health and well-being. It grounds you in the moment, reminds you that life is fleeting and YOU must be intentional about smelling the roses.

NO—it’s a complete sentence.
Practice saying “NO”—especially when it compromises your time and well-being. Often, what we say “yes” to is not in alignment with our own heart and intention. We say “yes” out of obligation. Protect your energy. Set boundaries. Start by practicing “no.”

Meditation, Mindfulness.
Turn on some soothing music. Find a comfy, dark space and sit. Close your eyes. Think about what you need in this moment—is it love? Confidence? Peace?
—Focus on that word & its associated feelings.

—BREATHE IN, draw in what you need.
—BREATE OUT, release what no longer serves you.
New to meditation? Start with 5 minutes. Then 8. Then 10. Be patient, becoming still in your mind requires time and persistence.

Chiropractic, of course!
Did you know getting adjusted boosts your immune system, promotes healthy digestion, andactivates the portion of your nervous system that encourages rest and healing? At the center of any intention, goal, or dream that you may have is your health. Health is, indeed, wealth! If it’s been a while since we’ve seen you, be sure to schedule your next appointment at Got Your Back

Dr. Darrien Jamar Chiropractic Associate

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