How to Create a Movement Program that Lasts!

How do you create a movement program that lasts? One of the hardest things for for patients and clients of ours to do is "program" movement and exercises properly. In reality, movement program is not "rocket surgery" (see what I did there?), If you follow certain principles and have a template, its pretty darn easy! 

Since we at GYBTH believe in training movement patterns, not musle groups, lets start with programming for improving your Squatting pattern

Step 1

Pick a "Reset". There is no wrong option here. Any of the "Big 5 Resets" will work wonders for improving movement. We like Segmental Rolls when programming fof the Squat.

Step 2

Pick one Pattern. Since we are working on squats let say the old standby the "Face The Wall" Squat. This will allow you to establish a movement baseline and progress safely.

Step 3

Pick one "X" The "X" is what "ties" our bodies together It’s engaging in contralaterally loaded movements (opposite arm and leg) or cross body movements. Not only do these fully and reflexively engage the core musculature, they create new synaptic connections (nerve pathways) in the brain, connecting the two hemispheres and strengthening pre-existing ones. So not only are you tying your body together, you’re also becoming smarter in the process :-). Spiderman or Leopard Crawls work well here

Step 4

Pick "Build" movement. Basically anything with load. We like the Goblet Squat because it is so accessible but any Squat will do as long as there is no pain associated with the movement and you can get into position safely.

So there you have it! Start playing around and seeing what sticks. Still unsure? Our Open Gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9am-1pm is an exclellent opportunity to learn more. You can sign up via our new partnership with Class Pass Here!

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