How to "WIN" The Crawl on the Mall Event

Starting this week, GYBTH will be starting 6 Week Crawling Challenge designed to help all participants in the Crawl on The Mall succeed. Why do Crawl? What’s the big deal?

Well for starters, Crawling:

  1. Promotes cross lateralization (getting right brain to work with left side)
  2. Promotes upper body stability
  3. Promotes lower body stability
  4. Promotes reflexive stability of the trunk and extremities
  5. Ties the right arm to the left leg, and left arm to the right leg
  6. Gets the upper extremities working reciprocally (legs, too)
  7. Stimulates the vestibular system (one of three senses that contributes to balance)
  8. Stimulates the visual system (second of three senses that contributes to balance)
  9. Stimulates the proprioception system (third sense that contributes to balance)
  10. Promotes spatial awareness
  11. Develops a front/back weight shift
  12. Develops upper body strength, trunks strength, and hip strength
  13. Develops Sweet Dances Moves and jungle cat like suppleness ;-)

The Process is simple, not easy. First test your Baseline Steps of Leopard or Spiderman Crawl off of the ground. For example If you hit 30 steps, 15 will be your working sets.

The chart below refers to the number of minutes you will be crawling for each day of the week.

For example: Week 2 Day 2 says 15 minutes. Set your timer for 15 minutes and start crawling. Do only half the number of reps that you can manage if you went all out. Take between 15-30 (or more) seconds doing a gentle reset between each set.

Play with the rest periods and adjust as needed. At the end of week 3, take a day off on Saturday then on Sunday test for a new Rep Max (RM) of Crawls (time yourself or count the steps). Use this new baseline for weeks 4-5-6.

At the end week 5, take the next week to just Press Reset.  Test  yourself Sunday November 12th at The 2nd Annual Crawl on the Mall to see how far you’ve come!

Week Day 1   Day 2          Day 3          Day 4          Day 5


7 mins

18 Mins

14 Mins

10 Mins

21 Mins


8 mins


Press Reset

12 Mins

20 Mins


10 mins

Press Reset

23 Mins

Press Reset

15 Mins


9 mins


17 Mins

13 Mins

26 Mins


10 Mins


Press Reset

14 Mins

23 Mins


Test Week

Make sure you check out this CNN article where Dr. Klein was interviewed about crawling!

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