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How Yoga Trains the Core

Yoga is a highly comprehensive system that nurtures all aspects of one’s being and life.  Yoga positively benefits emotions and the mind, diet, nervous system and the whole body.  Yoga aims to bring the whole physical system into a beautiful balance of strength and flexibility and a sense of ease.  This physical well-being helps us feel more peaceful, more able to meditate and more content.  In classes we always focus on breathing and meditation and our postures become a beautiful dance of moving meditation.  Also, yoga classes always invite the body to move in all natural ways encouraging the health of all parts of the body including: twisting, lunging, bending forward and back and to the sides, squatting, inverting, the list goes on and on.  We stretch and strengthen the spine, legs, arms, back, chest, shoulders, neck, ankles, feet, hands, and always the core.

Moving through sequences of balance postures flowing into standing poses and through sun salutes innately strengthens our whole core, front and back as we engage the core to help us maintain balance as we move from one pose to the next.  Static poses standing and seated, and definitely inversions strengthen the core as we activate it the entire duration of the pose.  Yoga also includes back bending highly strengthening the back muscles, a necessary balance, while stretching abdominals and the whole front body.

Take for instance these 2 Basic Yoga Postures:


Warrior 2:

Or Tree Pose which:

A strong, healthy core helps the health of the spine and benefits the whole body.  Enjoy all of these poses and our yoga classes to maintain a strong, healthy core and whole self! Our Yoga Class is FREE for the first class for anyone! We also offer Yoga through Class Pass, making starting your journey accesible and affordable! SIGN UP HERE!

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