If I Ruled the World. . .

If I Ruled the World. . .

There would be no cigarettes allowed to be sold.

There would be no harmful ingredients allowed in personal care products.

There would be no factory farming.

Everyone would be required to live at least one year abroad to promote peace and understanding.

Everyone would have a friend of another race and religion.

There would be no plastic.

I would surround myself with people who are better than I am.

-Beth Lindley, Health Educator & Raw Foods Coach


Mmmm.  So good.  What comes to mind for you, when asked to finish the statement:  If I ruled the world…?

Bethany (Beth) Lindley, a Health Educator and Raw Foods Coach, is a pure example of what it means to live with an open heart, a life dedicated to serving others.  Beth calls her efforts “labors of love,” having spent extensive time in Pakistan and India interviewing children and their families in order to fully understand inter-generational poverty, child slavery, and education.  Moved to act, Beth raised social awareness and money to extract children out of brick kilns, carpet looms and soccer ball factories and put them into schools in Pakistan. 

When Beth is not serving others, she enjoys taking walks on the beach, spending time in the woods, and bike riding.  When asked what she knows for sure, she comments that “elements uplift.”  “I think getting out in nature changes the mood, changes the mind, changes us emotionally.”  She believes good health means not only feeling good, but being without dis-ease and doing what makes you happy inside.  Wholeness, another aspect of health, includes our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  Beth believes in the importance of healthy relationships, yet she also believes we must be able to stand firmly on our own. 

In 2012, while attending a raw foods retreat, Beth discovered dōTERRA essential oils.  She comments that it was “love at first smell, touch, and (yes) taste.”  dōTERRA gave her bottles of essential oils (instead of wine) to crack open and sniff, and be happy. She fell in love with something that was natural, safe, and effective while also raising her vibrations to new levels.  dōTERRA oils are 100% natural and more adequate than most over the counter and prescription drugs.  Essential oils have benefits that include boosting the immunes system, warding off infections, improving brain function, and more.  The process of using the essential oils are effortless and simple.  The three ways you can use them are aromatically, topically, or internally.  Aromatic use lasts longer and improves sleep and breathing.  Topical use can reach every surface of the skin, supporting radiance and nourishing wounds.  Internal use is known to decrease anxiety levels and regulate digestion.  Bethany comments, “the oils are so pure you can drink them.” 

If you are interested in learning more about Beth Lindley, head over to her website:    http://www.bethlindley.com/about/

Written by Dr. Darrien Jamar & Raya Planter, July 19’ Intern


P.S.:  Listed below are a list of Beth’s heartful speaking topics :)

Dr. Darrien Jamar Chiropractic Associate

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