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If it Feeds Your Soul, it's Self-Care.

Recently, the District Fray Magazine included myself and a few other Washingtonians in their May issue discussing the “new normal,” self-care and the importance of human connection.  Although I’ve heard the term self-care thrown around rather much lately, I’d admit that I hadn’t deemed the expression itself to be highly functional.  My perspective was jaded by the superficial nature by which I’ve heard the word being used by peers and on social media.  After this intentional conversation, I have been inspired to revisit the topic, expand on its definition and bring insight to the liberating mindsets that can help us better our personal health and wellbeing as we continue to experience this Great Pause.


Self-Care Defined by Washingtonians. 


Andrew Roby, an event and wedding planner, thinks of self-care as being void of monetary value.  He looks at it as a way to return back to his own happiness, in whatever shape or form that may present as.  “I think of self-care as being able to take a bath and just sit there and clear my mind, and maybe have a glass of wine or some whiskey.  I think of it as meditating, and really just understanding my peace of mind.”


Erin Derosa, Sense Salon and Gallery owner, looks at self-care from the perspective of: how can I give myself permission to use my time in whatever way that’s going to invite an ultimate level of happiness.  “Before, I was taking in what was happening around me so much that I was barely listening to myself.  This time has been so incredibly meaningful for me to literally just do what I want to.  Just having that kind of wherewithal to say, ‘I don’t have to go outside even though it’s sunny and nice.  I can stay in and read a book or fill my time with whatever is meaningful to me.”


Farrah Skeiky, photographer and creative/culture director for the LINE Hotel, defines self-care as “the verb of self-love.  It’s really just saying, ‘How do I put into action loving myself, and reminding myself that I value my time and deserve nice things?”  She finishes her comment by saying, “If it makes you feel good, it’s self-care.  If it feeds your soul, it’s self-care.”


Change before you have to. –Jack Welch


After the conversation, I realized that I knew exactly what self-care was, at least my personal definition and way of enacting it.  It started for me in 2014 when my “spiritual healing” journey began.  At the time, I didn’t define it as “self-care” per say, I just knew I was doing something for myself that I needed deeply, and no one else was going to do it for me.  What I have learned since 2014 is the importance of taking care of your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health BEFORE your life falls apart.  When you have a foundation, a solid anchor, you may stumble or sway during turbulent times, but you won’t become uprooted.


  Here are some mindful words of wisdom from my journey towards healing and self-care:






To read the full article on Self-Care, Social Media, & Meditation, click the link below:



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