Introducing....Open Gym Hours and Semi-Private Training at GYBTH!

In our greatest efforts to promote the benefits of Pressing RESET, Original Strength and the principles of StrongFirst, we will now be offering open gym hours and small group training classes at Got Your Back Total Health. Both Dr. Klein and Coach Colin are the only 2 Original Strength coaches in DC. Colin is a StrongFirst Level 1 Kettlebell Certified, representing the gold standard in the training world.

Starting Tuesday, November 15th, our Open Gym and Small Group Schedule will look like this:

Hours Day: Tues    Day: Thursday

7:30 - 8:30

MoveMentality: Strength Foundations

MoveMentality: Strength Foundations

8:30 - 9:30

Open Gym

Open Gym

9:30 - 10:30

MoveMentality 101

MoveMentality 101

10:30 - 11:30

MoveMentality 101

MoveMentality 101

11:30 - 12:30

Open Gym

Open Gym

12:30 - 1:00

MoveMentality: Power 30

MoveMentality: Flex 30


Open Gym

Open Gym

What is Open Gym?  

Come out and get moving at GYBTH.  This Open 'Gym' time is a great time to practice your technique or challenge yourself. You can use this time to push yourself, or just to come and play!  

We'll put up a few structured plans for you to choose from, or you can come in and do your own thing. One of our coaches will be on-site to assist you at ALL TIMES and will be right there to help you as needed to make certainly sure you are being safe.  

Just a few rules, though:

    1. SAFETY FIRST - Don't do something you haven't been already trained to do.
    2. Stay within the ‘good-Better-BEST’ mindset - Our same training principles are still in place, start where YOU are, and remember the ‘good, Better, BEST’ philosophy, and please don’t move into pain.
    3. Please CLEAN UP after yourself - Please put things back where you got them and wipe them down after use.
    4. BE POSITIVE! - Support your fellow MoveMentality™  family and make sure to work together if sharing equipment.



What is Strength Foundations?

Once we have established our original strength...our foundation...we begin to strengthen that foundation. We will learn the 5 basic human movements (Pushing, Pulling, Squatting, Hinging and Gait) and we will learn how to safely strength train within these movements. Foundations will focus primarily on strength. Building strength makes everything else in life easier and it improves the quality of life. The strength training process will involve multiple tools including kettlebells, bands, bodyweight, gymnastic rings, and other fun objects!

What is the MoveMentality™?

The MoveMentality™ is our unique and proprietary system of movement combined with a mindset and awareness of total body health. It is “intelligence in movement,” and at Got Your Back Total Health, we believe that we all have the capacity for a healthy mental attitude where we truly understand the benefits of physically therapeutic movement. Realizing that movement is a challenge for many people, we’ve designed these classes to adapt to people on ANY level, and for a variety of different goals and achievements. This small, semi-private, group training class is designed to help you return to the body you were meant to have. The MoveMentality™ will help you rebuild your foundation of health, stability, and mobility, reducing your chance of injury while maximizing your efforts to build strength and resilience. If you want a strong heart, mind, and body, our MoveMentality™ classes were created specifically for you!

What is Power 30?

Power 30 classes are designed with 100% focus on training with kettlebells and Original Strength. You will learn the basics of StrongFirst Kettlebell Training combined with the restorative effects of Original Strength. In Power 30 classes, you will learn how to maximize the effectiveness of your workouts, so that you can truly ENJOY training while getting stronger and healthier in the process. This class is 30 minutes long and will leave you feeling stronger than ever.

What is Flex 30?

Flex 30 classes are geared towards improving the health and shape of your body’s fascial system, which is the connective tissue network and biological fabric that holds us together. Your fascia holds you together, and it is training to hold you in the posture you are sitting in right now. Our main goal in our Flex 30 classes is to improve the flexibility and mobility of the fascia, so you must learn and understand how the fascia changes. Flex 30 differs from all other flexibility classes in that the movements and stretches we will practice are active and focusing on elongation, combined with presence and mindfulness.

Justin Klein Chiropractor/CEO

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