Kettlebell Movement of the Week: 1/2 Kneeling Press

½ Kneeling Press: Why ½ Kneeling Presses?  Humans need  their spine to be stable to transfer energy from leg to the other Their spine also needs to be stable while arms move in opposition (a counterbalance mechanism) ½ kneeling stance represents single leg stance, and runners live in the single leg stance.

This is a single arm overhead pressing movement designed to challenge static motor control from a half kneeling posture.

Begin in half kneeling with one kettlebell in the rack position. Have both of the hips and knees form a 90 degree position at the joints and maintain a neutral pelvis and tall spine. The shoulders are depressed and the sternum is out and head and neck are neutral.  The more narrow the feet are placed the more challenging the exercise.

Inhale and pressurize the abdomen. Begin to press the kettlebell overhead by depressing and retracting the shoulder blade, extending the elbow, and the arms should follow an arc path. Once overhead make sure the arms are in a neutral position and the body remains in a static position. Upon the descend of the kettlebell make sure that it is slow and controlled primarily by the back muscles.

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