• Kettlebell Movement of the Week: The Goblet Squat

    on Mar 7th, 2017

Kettlebell Movement of the Week: 3/8

The goblet squat is one of the easiest ways to learn and reinforce the basic squatting movement pattern. We have used this movement pattern successfully with clients ranging from adolescent to older adult. Unlike most movement patterns with weight involved, this one is more difficult to execute incorrectly, which is why we like it so much.

In addition to the goblet squat, the front squat is a staple of this program and one of the best movements for developing leg strength and flexibility. It teaches intra-abdominal pressure, which is paramount to improving strength gains and preventing back pain.

Squatting Standards:

A “neutral” spine is maintained

The heels and the toes are planted

The knees track the toes

Pause momentarily at the bottom while staying reflexive

Drive feet down into the ground to stand up

The hips ascend at the same rate as the shoulders, not faster

The hips and knees ascend fully at the top of the squat

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