Movement Competency and Physical Capacity

“Poor movement can exist anywhere in the body but poor movement patterns can only exist in the brain” –Gray Cook
First lets define Movement Competency. This is the to perform fundamental movement patterns like squatting, deadlifting as well as basic coordination patterns like crawling and lunging. The end goal is not physical fitness, but the establishment of a fundamental baseline level of quality movement, not quantity of movement. There is a reason we like to perform basic movements like crawling, rolling, and getups. Its not to develop physical capacity but to cultivate movement competency.
Physical Capacity is the ability to produce work or generate force. With Physical Capacity we may perform skills that can be quantified to establish an level of performance. We can quantify our strength gains and workout times.
Simply only addressing one facet, movement competency or physical capacity, is a shortsighted and narrow way of approaching health and fitness. All humans should have an adequate baseline level of movement and physical capacity. If your mile time is 6 minutes but you struggle to do get ups, are you really maximizing your potential as not only an athlete but a capable human? I am all for pushing the limits on occasion in regards to exercise, but not without also addressing other areas of movement that correlate directly to improved athleticism.
So while crawling, rolling and get ups may be difficult or even boring to you just know this: all of your movement competency was born out of your relationship with the ground. From rolling around on the ground as a baby, you moved to crawling, which proceeded to pulling yourself up which proceeded to squatting and hinging. From these patterns all other movements and physical capacity and athleticism were born. Neglect them and you miss the opportunity to refine and improve not only your ability to move freely, but also the opportunity to improve body awareness and intramuscular coordination, which will directly improve your physical capacity.

Want to learn more about improving both movement competency and physical capacity? Starting March 2nd we are offering FREE Community Kettlebell Strength Tuesday and Thursday at 12:00pm. In addition we will offer a 7pm Thursday class for patients only. Drop ins welcome!

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