• Movement of the Week: The Hinge

    on Feb 28th, 2017

In a continuing effort to educate the people who visit our clinic and follow us on the interwebz, we introduce to you our newest series, The Movement of the Week.

Each week we will chronicle a movement featured prominently in the confines of our humble establishment. This week the Hip Hinge and why it is such a valuble pattern for the human body.

Kettlebell Movement of the Week: 3/1

The Hinge

The Hip Hinge safe teaches you how to immobilize the lumbar spine while moving safely through your hips. The difference between the squat and the hinge, is that a hinge is a maximal hip and minimal knee bend.  The Squat is a maximal hip and knee bend.

Want to learn how to hinge with a kettlebell safely? FREE Intro to Kettlebells Tuesday 12 pm Thursday 9 am  for the entire month of March. Each week we will feaure and learn a new movement!

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