MoveMentality Weekly Challenge 5/8-5/15: Roll, Sit, to Stand

The Roll Sit to Stand challenge is a great sequence of movements for building body awareness and movement compentency. It requires no equipment and is a great alternative to a Turkish Get Up. This move is tougher than it looks, so practice rolling backwards and forwards to get a sense of how much strength and momentum you need to come to the knee. You'll also want a thick mat or carpet to protect your knees.


Did you know studies have shown that the ability to get off the ground to a standing position is an idicator of life expentancy and mortality?  All the more reason to give this challange a shot!


  1. Start from a seated position.
  2. Roll back, tucking the knees in.
  3. As you roll forward, using your momentum and core strength, cross the right leg under the left.
  4. Continue rolling forward (using your hands on the floor to help you up, if needed) until you're in a kneeling position, resting on the right knee.
  5. From that split 1/2 kneeling position, stand up
  6. Reverse to the split position, sit back onto your butt and repeat on other side

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