MoveMentality Weekly Challenges: Week 5/1-5/7

Got Your Back Family! This week we are rolling out (see what I did there) weekly MoveMentality challenges that can be done anytime, anywhere and will seriously help you improve your movement abilities. The best part: they won't interfere with any current exercise, training etc you are doing and are a great jump off point if you are easing into a movement routine.  

This week: "Lego" Rocks. Lego rocks work wonders for mobilizing and the feet and ankles. Everything from the big toe through the Achilles is moved. Lego rocking also taps into a range of motion the hips don't often see dut definitely need!

A combination of plantarflexion and dorsiflexion at the ankles as well as internal and external rotation of the hips will keep your joints happy. This type of total joint integration is one of the hallmarks of the MoveMentality System and Original Strength.

Try 25 reps on each leg everyday this week. Take videos or pics share! Click here to see the Lego Rock in action!

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