In an effort to avoid confusion/frustration in life, training, health and fitness we need truth to be revealed to us sometimes. Well here are some observations we would like to share:
1. The body was not made to be broken. We were designed to age gracefully and maintain strength into our old age.
2. Crawling and rolling are the foundation for all other movement patterns. You wouldn’t be walking, squatting or doing pull-ups if you didn’t crawl. I know get-ups, leopard crawls and rolls and are hard. We will continue doing them and improving our movement competency.
3. All muscles in your body are connected to your vestibular system which controls balance and sensory awareness. Proper rotation of head and neck are critical for this. Arm-bars anyone?
4. Your body needs carbohydrates. Carbs in moderation, like sweet potatoes, yams or other root veggies. No refined garbage, and fruit in moderation, please.
5. Farmers keep the world alive. Industrial agriculture is putting local farmers who believe in sustainable agriculture out of business. Support local farmers who do things the right way by buying through CSAs and farmers markets. When it comes to food quality, you get what you pay for.
6. We were not made to sit for hours at a time, and no amount of joint mobility work is going to undue those thousands of hours on your tail. Get up often throughout the day and move!
7. You were literally made to move. It is our only true birthright. Movement nourishes your brain and your body and has the ability to restructure the brain and neural pathways.
8. If you want to have well functioning connective tissue, you have to move regularly and consistently.
9. Saturated fat is not evil. You need it. Myelin, which encapsulates our nerves, is fat. In order to transfer information through our body, which has electrical impulses, we need fat as a conduit for that information transfer.
10. We humans over complicate everything. If it seems logical and smart, like pressing reset, we think it won’t be effective because it's not "complex". Being able to move and do the things you want to do in life without pain or discomfort is a great gift. Resiliency and anti-fragility don't have to be complex.

In summation, these are simple observations. As always simple, not easy.

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