On October 15th GYBTH Crawled the Mall

On October 15th GYBTH Crawled the Mall. On top of the beautiful weather and perfect location, we had patients, family members as well as friends from as far North Carolina and New York. Under the banner of a blue sky and nestled in between the cradle of democracy, we “pressed reset”, restoring and rejuvenating our bodies and nervous systems.

We look forward to making this an annual event year in and year out. Crawling has gained a lot of traction in the media of late as Dr. Klein was featured in the Washington Post. Toronto Star Tribune picked up the story. So did the Sydney Morning Herald. Uproxx picked it up. Fox News is covering the crawling craze. Cosmopolitan is also talking about crawling as a great form of exercise. Original Strength's founder Tim Anderson and our very own OS Certified Coach, Dr. Klein are leading the charge to Make America Crawl Again. Make sure you get one of the hottest pieces of apparel during this election year: Crawl on the Mall t-shirts! We are truly Stronger Tied Together.

Extra special thanks to our awesome staff member Rochelle for all her support the day of the event and our Medical Assistant extraordinaire Joey for his artistic contributions and tireless effort to creating visually amazing marketing materials. Check out some of the Pics below!

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