Why Reaching is the "Secret Ingredient"

One of our newest toys at GYBTH is a climbing rope. Climbing rope as many benefits but may invoke a host of feelings, particulaurly fear. Well fear not becuase we have series of tips and tricks to help you "reach" new heights....see what I did there

1. Grip Strength

For most humans, grip is a limiting factor, meaning movements involving grip can only be done to the point of your max grip strength. Pull Ups are an excellent example of this. Rope climbing is fantastic for building grip strength. First, you have to hold your weight for an extended amount of time. Second, you have to progressively resist gravity with each hand as you climb higher, which forces your grip to work unilaterally and stabilize the body.

2. Arm Strength

As you climb a rope your arms are forced to extend and then pull the weight of the body higher. This creates a different dynamic on your arms you may not achieve as effectively from your regular chin-up and pull-up. Every time you pull yourself up you’re forcing one and both arms to work in unison. 

3. Back Strength

Rope climbing also strengthens the upper back musculature and latissimus dorsi. As you climb you’re forced to pull yourself close to the rope, which is going to force the lats to work, much like they do in a pull-up or chin-up. The key difference between climbs and pull-ups is the amount of stabilization required on a rope.The crossing of arms over the body also follows one of the guiding principles of Original Strength: Crossing Midline

4. Indicator of Power

The ability to climb a rope fast and well has a correlation with upper body power. A study released in 2015 compared power output of the timed 5-meter rope climb with other upper body power tests such as, the pull-up test, 1-RM bench press, and medicine ball throw. Researchers suggested the rope climb was a valid and reliable test for assessing upper body power. This adds another method for assessing and testing your ability to produce upper body power.

5. Fun & Challenging

The ability to maniuplute your body through space with a movement that has practical applications is rewarding and has real world practical application.

Rope Climbing Prerequisites & Tips

Give one of these 2 "Workouts" a shot

Hand Over Hand Rope Climb – 3 rounds x 5ft up and down

Horizontal Rope Hang Hold – 3 rounds x 30-60 sec

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