Regaining Your Youth and Vitality

One of the keys to staying young and vibrant is movement and strength training. As you get older, you lose muscle mass. This is what you need to maintain balance and prevent falls. If you don’t fall, you can have an active and good quality of life as you get older. Strength training or weight bearing exercise can help maintain muscle mass if you start when you’re young but you can regain some muscle mass if you start a program when you’re older. 

There are things you can do to keep your nervous system working better which can also reduce the chances of falling. These can be things like Pressing Reset and seeing your Chiropractor regularly. These 2 things can optimize joint function that can help with pain management and optimize the mobility of your body. This can help you to stay active and strong.

So What ELSE Can I Do? Attend one of our Weekly Total Health Workshops!

Dr Klein is beginning a weekly workshop for all patients.

Topics covered:
What happens when the spine is not functining optimally. 
How Spine Problems become BRAIN and WHOLE BODY problems (and, of course, how to prevent and correct this!)
The intricate connection between your spinal health and your brain health.
Why consistancy is key to long-term results.
What to do at home to prevent breakdown (hint, it's not just "doing your resets"). Are you ACTIVELY or PASSIVELY taking part in YOUR health?
Why proper nutrition is a staple in recovery.
How to TAKE CONTROL of your health future as well as your Family's

Seating is limited so please RSVP HERE!

Justin Klein Chiropractor/CEO

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