• Can't Touch Your Toes? These "Resets" Can Help.

    on Oct 12th, 2017

There are many great reasons to "Press Reset". Some quick bullet points:

But after you learn the basics of Breathing, Head and Neck Control, Rolling, Rocking Crawling/Cross Crawling, how do you make it specific to your movement restrictions?

This is why we perform movement screens on all patients at GYBTH. Our screens consist of a Toe Touch, Squat, Push Up and Bird Dog.

The Toe Touch is a great test for overall mobility in the lower back and hamstrings, plus it can help identify a hip problem versus a lower back/core limitation. When someone can't touch their toes it may mean:

•    The rhythm of the lumbar spine and pelvis could be out of sync—the hips and pelvis should be the first part of flexion, and the spine should be the second part of flexion.
•    They may not feel comfortable with the posterior weight shift required as the hips go back and the trunk comes forward.
•    They may not be comfortable bending the lumbar spine along with the hips in a rhythmical fashion.

If you can't touch your toes, GYBTH recommends these "resets"  to assist you in regain that basic fundamental ability.

Want to learn more? Check out next weeks post on the Squat Screen. Better yet, sign up for our 4th Original Stength Pressing Reset Workshop!


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