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See Yourself There; That's the First Step.

We all know when we have met a beautiful soul.  This person is likely moving to the beat of their purpose.  This individual likely desires, deeply, to bring light and love into this world.  I met Cheryl Fischer, a Healthy Living Consultant & Business Mentor at Arbonne, earlier this month at a BNI Georgetown business breakfast.  I was the keynote presenter that day, discussing “The Culture of the Present.”  Looking out into the crowd, I see Cheryl writing diligently as I speak.  That solidified what I felt in my spirit about Cheryl.  I believe the best teachers are also students.  They are students to every moment.  The Universe consistently provides us with opportunities to learn, to grow deeper, and move closer to our highest self.  It’s up to us to seize these moments, when presented. 

It’s with an open heart, in this Thanksgiving season, that I am able to share Cheryl Fisher’s story and personal journey with Arbonne. 

Why Arbonne? 

I think people are looking for three things (I was): 

Arbonne found me when I was looking to improve my skin issues / allergies and looking to improve my health when my kids were young.  The more I looked into Arbonne, the more impressed I was about the quality, mission and meaning.  We are almost 40 years old as a company, have always been cruelty-free, have always focused on safe ingredients, and have always focused on empowering people through health and/or business.  My team of business partners is now my support circle for life, and I've learned to be a more positive person as well.  We are an online business, so anyone in six countries can order, receive their everyday skin and nutrition products right on their doorstep, and feel confident about them.


What is your definition of health?  Wholeness? 

I believe that our bodies can create (and get back to when needed) a state of health on its own in most cases.  If we eat foods that are "fuel foods" most of the time, helping our bodies to run as designed, our bodies know how to create a state of health where all systems are functioning together and we are feeling good, have energy for our lives, and stay active. 

To be whole, I believe we need a group of supportive people cheering us on (family, friends, whatever combination), we need time to dream and to rest, and we need a purpose to work towards and a big goal to strive for. 

Who are you when you are "not doing" (just being)? 

Great question!  I'm a dreamer and I love to laugh.  Some of my favorite ways to just be are to lose myself in a good book and spend hours just imagining a world that doesn't exist but seems to.  I love to bring joy to people and could spend tons of time just relaxing with friends and laughing about the "good old days" or whatever adventures we might plan for the future.  I like to think about goals and excitement to come, and to just enjoy those emotions.

What are you manifesting? 

I am growing my vision bigger in terms of my business and my team.  We have been able to touch so many lives in a positive way, but it took some mindset work for me to feel worthy to go even bigger.  So, I am manifesting the very top level of my company in this coming year, which means impacting thousands of lives through Arbonne and health advice.  I am also manifesting happy lives for my family as they all go for big dreams.  I have a dream to give back as well -- I want to be involved in charitable work with service animals and I'm manifesting opportunities to grow that.

(finish this statement) The world is craving. . .

true connection.  We have become a picture-oriented (I love social media too!) and online world, and in some cases that has caused us to miss out on personal connection.  True conversations, a true support system, meaningful mentorships and friendships are needed by so many at this time.  I believe you can have that and still enjoy all the benefits of our online world, but it takes focus and purpose to do so.

And finally…

I'd love to share the advice that I wish I had known earlier: please make sure to catch yourself if you are someone who puts yourself down or buys into the saying that "we shouldn't get our hopes up" or that a goal has to be "reasonable."  We all have so much more potential than we realize, but we have to create an image of ourselves that agrees with that picture.  This applies whether you want to lose weight and improve your health (yes, you need to see yourself reaching the goal before you reach it) or whether you want to go for some kind of big, huge life goal.  See yourself there; that's the first step.


You can learn more about Cheryl Fischer & Arbonne here:  http://www.cherylfischer.arbonne.com/

Questions, comments, or gratitude for Cheryl?  cheryl.fischer04@gmail.com


Dr. Darrien Jamar Chiropractic Associate

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