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Should You "Press Reset" Everyday?

One of the questions we get the most at GYBTH is this very one in the title of this post. The answer?  YES!. I get that there are sometimes limitations in time, matter, space etc.  Maybe pain is even keeping you from trying more often at home. In the event you cannot sneak away for 10 minutes to perform The Big 5, pick 1 Reset and perform it for 1-3 minutes, 5 times a day. That’s 5-15 minutes broken up throughout the day!  You probably waste at least 15 minutes/day looking at crazy blog posts like this, so get out of your chair a few times/day and take care of some real business for yourself.  

Let's go a step further and give you and cervical (neck), thoracic (upper back) and lumbar (lower back) options.

Neck stiff? Neck Nods or Rotations.

Upper Back tight? Upper Body Rolls.

Lower back pain? Rocking


Perform any one of theses for 1-3 minutes of..."work" 5 times a day.

Here’s the thing:

Consistency will always give you the biggest bang for your buck. Don’t get overwhelmed: Pick the series that works or fits for you and do it. 3 minutes of work 5x a day

In other words, these 3 combinations of movement can help clear the body of dysfunction and return it to a more optimal status. More consistency = more time spent in a healthy position = better habits over time = better efficiency of movement = healthy nervous system and happy human!  Remember that you're trying to re-wire your nervous system.  Keep reminding it how to do what it was designed to do, and you'll feel like a million bucks.

How long does it take? As long as it takes. It really depends on the individual commitment. How much time are you willing to invest in doing your movements?  3 minutes 5x daily seems more than plausible. The more frequently you perform, the faster you’ll see the progress you want: You WILL move with more fluidity, be rid of your discomfort and be able to live the life you desire. Take your time, be patient with your abilities, remember to BREATHE, and move like a champion.  

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If you really want to learn from some of the best coaches and movers on the planet, join us for our 4th Original Strength Pressing Reset Workshop. This workshop will have profound effects on how you and you patients/clients move and how you coach movement!

Colin Cooley Chief Movement Officer

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