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Smart Exercise Programming

I'm going to share some exercise programming wisdom for all coaches and trainers who wanna "smoke, crush, smash, or destroy" your clients and members. Do one thing. A lot. And fast. Think plyometrics, or burpees or mountain climbers. Not that these exercises are bad. In fact, used properly they are quite good. But asking someone really sore or really tired is really easy. Being tired and sore are not indicative of a good training program focusing on the long game, IE a lifetime of strength and quality movement..

Sadly, the growing sentiment is that people don't need to recover from their overly intense exercise schemes. Exercise becomes a “punishment” and if we aren’t going setting records or lying in a pool of sweat every day then we aren’t making progress. 

The crazy thing is that intense group classes work…for a little while. This is even truer if the participant is new to this level of stimulus or stress. You will put on muscle and burn some fat. Then strangely, you will adapt because you body is a miraculous byproduct of the evolutionary process. So once we become adapted to the hundreds of burpees, mountain climbers and various plyo drills, what now? Over time you will become less efficient in burning calories and probably can only do so much work in a given amount of time and your body just becomes more efficient some orthopedic issues due to overuse/over stress.

Most humans don't need a ton of fancy exercises or exotic programs. They need movement reeducation and skill reacquisition. No amount of soft tissue mobilization or verbal cueing will fix someones squat. Individualized attention and lateralizations and regressions of a squat will. You can create quite a metabolic effect training skills, IE proper application of tension and proper joint range of motion.

 If you're doing CrossFit because you love the social aspect, have at it. If you're doing it because you were led to believe its the best way to lose weight and get healthy , I'm here to tell you any type of resistance training and lifestyle management will help. If you have the money to invest in small group training and your goal is towards overall fitness and health I would advise you to check out our classes. We can help you reach your goal in the safest and most effective manor.


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Justin Klein Chiropractor/CEO

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