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The 4 Types of People Who Can Benefit from Kettlebell Strength Training

Kettlebell training incorporates fundamental movement patterns that mirror activities of everyday life. This includes such as carrying uneven loads, bending at the hip, squatting and getting up off the ground. There are two categories of kettlebell exercises: explosive movements (ie ballistic) and slow strength based movements (grinds).


Here are a few examples of who can benefit from kettlebell training:


The CrossFitter

You’re a fire breather who can crushes WOD’s on the reg. Rx’ed. Unbroken. But when you go from broke on the last set of muscles ups……..bad news bears! Shoulder issues are one of the more common pathologies I see amongst my crossfit clientele. Teaching them the kettlebell armbar and Get Up as quickly and as safely as I can is my first order of business.

Because kettlebells stress mobility and use an unstable load, they serve as an extension of your reach, you can add strength to movements that are far away from the body. Your body is conditioned to use the right form with greater strength to reduce the risk of injury.

The Runner

Kettlebell increases cardiovascular health without putting too much strain on your muscles. The explosive, quick movement that’s required during kettlebell training boosts your heart rate, strengthening cardiovascular health while increasing muscle strength, posture and core—all essential elements to improve your running performance. Kettlebell training allows you to maximize your workout effort in a short amount of time. In other words, you conserve energy while increasing strength and speed.

Other benefits you can gain from kettlebell training include:


The Yoga Enthusiast

If you are a hard core yogi, mobility is probably not your issue. If anything, you are probably too mobile. Yogi’s often they don’t know the limits of their mobility and lack the strength and stability to move into safe ranges of motion.

Kettlebell training helps to manage hyper or excessive mobility. It supports the necessary mobility and range of motion while adding strength to those movements.  



 The Baby Boomer

An aging popultation needs to maintain a level of strength to continue living an active lifesyle. As we age and become more sedentary, pain can sneak into our lives. Whether that be back pain, muscles aches or joint pain in the extremities.  Luckily, simple, low-intensity movements with kettlebells, such as the hinging(bending at hip) or squatting can strengthen trunk musculature and create a more stable base for living active life as you age.


The more stability you maintain as you age, combined with maintaining adequate range of motion around your load bearing joints, will keep you moving well so you can move often.


If you interested in learning first hand how kettlebells can create a resilient and “antifragile body” so you can live your best life? Consider our Strength Focus Class Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9am, 11am and 1pm. This class will teach you how to successfully use kettlebells as a strength tool to unlock your potential.

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