The "Core" Exercise that Reduces Low Back Pain

Back Pain. 99% of the people who walk through our doors suffer from it in some shape of form. While rest and ice plus NSAIds might help in the short term, they do nothing to address the underlying reason why the pain visited you.

For many folks, a combination of poor stability and mobility throughout the body is the culprit  The inability to stabilize the spine in certain positions along with poorly conditioning "deep core" aka torso muscles may result in pain or discomfort. When the body can't absorb and adapt to stressors, pain or inflammation is inevitible. 

Enter the Birddog: So named due to fact you look like a hunting dog searching for its prize. We use the Birddog as a movement screen but it also functions a a fantastic core stabilzer/conditioner. Dr. Stuart McGill. the preeminent Spinal Biomechanist in the world, places the Birddog as one of his top exercises to prescribe for people with severe lumbar back pain.


The Birddog consists of kneeling on hands, knees and feet (initially) and extending a leg and opposite arm whilst maintaining posture and balance.

The progressions are simple:

The videos here demonstrate a series of "Resets" that can be used to improve ones rotary stability if compromised. They can be quiet challenging even to those who consider themselves ‘barbell’ strong. There is a degree of balance, stability, prescison, motor control and postural integrity that is evident in the movement.

The basics are always mastered before progressing to the next level. Are you interested in learning the basics? The weekend of 11/12 we are hosting a 1 Day Original Strength Pressing Reset Course, followed by our Second Annual Crawl on The Mall Event. This years event aims to eclipse last years with renowned movement and fitness speakers, games, events and post event libations!

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