The Freedom that Health Brings

A Relentless Heart.

   Curiosity. Passion. The unwavering pursuit of purpose. All of these ingredients led
Daniel David (D.D.) Palmer towards the discovery of Chiropractic. Intrigued by
metaphysics, regarded as a magnetic healer—his deep desire for a connection between
spirituality (philosophy) and diagnosing disease based on “bumps” found on the skull and
spine were eventually married. When Dr. Palmer placed his palms on Harvey Lillard and
found the area where he needed to be adjusted, it was after two visits and 17 years of being deaf that his hearing was restored. Today, we know that the spine serves two primary roles: it provides us with posture, allowing movement to occur; the spine also protects the energy source of our body, the nervous system (comprised of the spinal cord and the brain). The spinal cord gives off tiny, but mighty branches called nerves, that
communicates with every cell, organ, and tissue in our body. Having a Chiropractor assessyour spine and adjust (when necessary), allows for the connection between the brain and the spinal cord to flow gracefully. Thus, allowing you to thrive in health and wholeness. In Harvey’s case, there was a disconnection that occurred between his brain, spinal cord, and the rest of his body—when this connection was restored: the lights were turned on, or for him, sound resound: Wa-la!

Change in the Air.

   In the freshness of a new year, I’m offered the chance to evaluate where I sense my
life to be headed. How should I posture myself this year to receive, to give? There is the
anticipation for snow, days spent snuggled up in bed sipping on turmeric ginger tea while I
flip through the pages of a new book. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day has always been a big
deal for me. How so much light and purpose could reside in one human being is beyond
me, but I long for it. Above all—it was his tenacity, in the face of police brutality, threats
made on his life and those he loved—that’s what speaks most to my heart. Because of him, I know it’s possible. His dream, became our dream. He risked everything for it, even his ife. Dr. Palmer, like Dr. King, faced much resistance from society because of the pursuit of his purpose. He, along with many of his followers, were imprisoned because of their belief and unwillingness to abort their Chiropractic stance. Still, today, Chiropractic fights for recognition in a society consumed by their hope in pills, in a healing that some believe
resides outside of themselves...

The Stairsteps to your 2019.

   Allow the freshness of this new year to plant a seed in you. Tune into the whispers
of your dreams, allow your vision to light the candle to your destiny...that it might inspire
you to begin today. When you are feeling down, feel the nudge from all of those who have
walked the earth ahead of you...who have fought hard for a cause much bigger than
themselves. Allow their relentless spirit to propel you forward. Most of all, may you
remember that your health remains at the heart of your ability to serve, as the foundation
to your dreams. It’s running through the park with your kids. It’s setting the table for your
family, smiling as the warmth of love grazes your face. It’s studying for your master’s
degree. It’s building a business organically inspired by purpose. It’s pouring your own cup
of coffee in the morning. It’s enjoying a brisk walk down the street, reflecting. It’s simply,

B L O O M//.
Dr. Darrien Jamar

1) Palmer College of Chiropractic. Harvey Lillard’s Testimony. [Internet]. David D.
Palmer Health Sciences Library. Available from:

Dr. Darrien Jamar Chiropractic Associate

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