The Gift of Movement is the Gift of Hope

Our ability to move is truly a wonder to be celebrated. We are all born with a natural ability to move in the world, and we all have a right to understand how we are designed to move. Movement is our only true birthright, and the only thing necessary and vital for our survival. Yet we neglect to express our highest form of being a bipedal human being, resilient and unafraid to get out of our chairs, look up from our phones, and take on the world one step at a time. This is why we at Got Your Back Total Health have developed our V.I.P. and S.G.T. Programs, and this is why our so-called “MoveMentality” exists.  

The MoveMentality is our "mentality" of daily "movement" which we are here to tell the world about, and hope that you will share with your friends and families. The MoveMentality is here to create value for movement, as it is a gift in itself, to be shared with every human body. The MoveMentality is an avenue to connect people; to heal not just physical injuries but the mental injuries that tell us we can’t conquer the world around us.

This holiday season, share the gift of movement. If possible, show a friend or family member how to “Press Reset," and why you've chosen to practice your MoveMentality daily. Show them how to rock on all 4’s or do some standing cross-crawls. If they can’t do standing cross-crawls, seated ones are fine too! Here's a little story. Just a few months ago, Dr. Klein's uncle had a quintuple bypass, preventive surgery. When Dr. Klein visited his uncle, he taught him how to do seated cross-crawls in his hospital bed. Gently, and surely, he started with 1 on each side the first day. Over Thanksgiving weekend, his uncle was doing 5 minutes of standing cross-crawls with high knees, AFTER taking a 20 minute morning "reset" walk on the track. Now that's progress...from the hospital bed, up! Can you imagine the hope that comes with being given this type of gift?! Movement truly is the gift that keeps on giving, and it will pay dividends for the rest of your life in the form of health.

Are you really in the holiday spirit? Feeling festive and generous? Maybe one too many eggnogs? With the New Year rapidly approaching, our BRAND NEW V.I.P. Personal Training programs and Small Group Training programs are unique and unlike anything offered in the DC area. Maybe you are having a hard time shopping for that special someone in your life? Maybe you've been looking for the BEST way to improve your health, and need the right people behind you to turn the corner towards 2016. Problem solved! Our programs are offered at many different price points, and the lifetime value is incredible. Your program will be customized and guaranteed to help you reach whatever goals you set for yourself this New Year.

If you are ready to give the gift of hope, the gift that keeps giving for a lifetime talk, please give us a call. Discounts for 3-month commitment programs are now available!!!  

Colin Cooley Chief Movement Officer

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