The Importance of Reflexive Stability

You are always moving.  Your brain is always on.  Your body is always correcting position.  The only constant is change, and your body is always changing.  Constantly moving, learning, and healing.  Do you feel change happening in your body?  What does it feel like?

Do you remember being a baby, moving your head around, building strength in your spine, developing curves to protect your nervous system, and allowing your spine to move freely?  Do you remember developing movement patterns to be able to roll and crawl on the floor?  You used gravity and the weight of your brain as a natural load to develop into a healthy, upright, and bipedal human being. These movement patterns are the foundation that enables us to walk, run, hang, and jump easily and reflexively. Our posture is a reflection of our reflexive stability. Our posture continues to develop from the waddle of a toddler to the gangliness of an adolescent until finally, our neuromotor stability system becomes more reflexive in our twenties.   

Stability and movement begin with head control and eye movement. Our brain anticipates movement, just as much as it reacts to it. Reflexive Stability is your body's subconscious ability to anticipate movement before it happens, preparing the muscles and joints involved in that movement for that movement. The stronger your reflexes are, the stronger your body will be, and the better habits your body will have.

If you’ve ever tried to hold a plank for a minute you may have felt the fatigue setting in and the shaking begin.  Or if you’ve tried to stand on a BOSU ball, or walk on a balance beam, your body corrects itself, searching for its most efficient position.  Shaking is learning. Move consciously, slowly, and precisely with primal movement patterns to help stabilize your structure.

Our favorite primal movement patterns at Got Your Back Total Health are:


Neck Nodding




Standing or Walking Cross-Crawls

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Our Movementality Gym specializes in improving reflexive stability and strength and conditioning in a supportive and safe environment. If you would like guidance as you optimize your reflexive stability... We've got your back!

Justin Klein Chiropractor/CEO

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