• The "Loaded" Resets

    on Apr 12th, 2017

Why do we add "Load" or weights to any resets? Why do I need extra weight on my head, wrists, ankles or torso? The bullet point version is this:

In actuality, there are 2 ways to load or weight the resets: either on the ground in a rolling or quadraped, ie crawling rocking etc fashion, or upright in a marching or cross crawling fashion. While both provide benefits stated above, any upright movement is going to be more challenging because they require greater coordination. The body has to work harder against gravity while vertical and with less points of contact.

Loading Parameters: Time

There are many ways to program loaded resets (distance speed etc). At GYBTH our favorite is to let the work accumulate with time. There are many reasons for this:Time under tension will facilitate muscle growth, minimize eccentric loading which aids in recovery and allows for greater frequency in training.


Try this sequence out to get a feel for loaded resets and strat progressining on your strength journey!

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