The Movementality Gym: Blurring the line of distinction between "Fitness" and "Rehab"

When someone requires rehabilitation, chiropractic, soft tissue work or any type of manual physical therapy, it indicates that one or more systems in the body wasn’t adaptable to some sort of stressor. The stressor could be a physical injury or environmental stressor, like stress. It could have been excess exercise or poor mechanics. In the end, the body was unable to manage the stressor and paid a cost in the form of pain or injury.

Ideally, a person becomes more adaptable to those stressors through intelligent and manageable fitness and lifestyle training. These include sustainable exercise and movement, proper nutrition, adequate sleep, and smart decisions about how hard to physically push oneself.

There is a reason the Movementality Gym exists: To create standards for fitness and movement. To implement manual therapy and movement simultaneously to create stronger more adaptable clients and patients.

If your cervical spine/neck hurts and doesn’t move well, there should be a manual intervention by way of a specialist. In addition, the patient should be given strategies to address other load bearing joints in the body like the shoulders, trunk, hips knees and ankles.

When we engage in intelligent movement and fitness training that involves all load bearing joints we create hormonal effects that that can help the entire body.

By taking a more global approach, we make sure the same injury doesn’t happen again.

Manual therapy and movement-based fitness can and should operate on the same wavelength. One obstacle to this approach is that people are willing to pay for fitness, but they’ve been conditioned to not pay for healthcare.

At Got Your Back Total Health we can change that. Not only do our patients receive chiropractic, manual therapy and movement based services at the same time, they also experience better outcomes as a result. High deductibles and out of network plans make affording our services difficult. Our Movementality Memberships are the antidote to high healthcare cost.

Our MoveMentality V.I.P. Monthly Membership options INCLUDE monthly Screenings and Assessments, and as well as world class movement programming with certified coaches and clinicians. MoveMentality V.I.P. Options are perfect for those who want to compete at the top of their game and perform at their optimal level of physical fitness, but may not have these benefits included in their regular health care package. Contact us at, or call 202-629-3536 to learn more about our programs for helping you optimize your movement and strength potential.


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