The "Secret" Reset

We live in stressful era. As a “now” society we race to get things done, mired in a endless cycle of deadlines and responsibilities. Because of this, many of us, have forgotten how to breathe.

We are a nation of accessory breathers, or emergency breathers. We no longer breathe using our diaphragms. Instead, we use our smaller, less efficient, emergency breathing muscles; the ones in our neck and chest (aka apical breathing).

Breathing with our emergency breathing muscles puts us in ‘sympathetic” mode, or fight and flight mode. This self-induced stress breathing produces physical manifestations such as anterior or forward head posture , slumped and forward shoulders(protracted shoulders), poor posture and spinal/joint alignment, high blood pressure, shortness of breath to name a few. Other emotional manifestations include increased anxiety.

Proper breathing is essential to maximizing your life. It is the “secret” reset you can do that can immediately your health, and your life.

Do This:

Lie on the floor, on your back. It’s important to find positions of comfort: lying on your back with your knees bent and legs up and supported by your arms, a stability ball or even the wall produces the least amount of intra-spinal pressure.  When lying on your back like this, place your tongue on the roof of your mouth behind your teeth. Breath in through your nose: This will trigger the diaphragm to engage. Think about breathing into the area where there is discomfort. For example if your hip is hurting, create awareness to that area by thinking about breathing into that hip deeply. While having a dog with you isn’t required, it sure does help;-)

Colin Cooley Chief Movement Officer

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