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What would your life look like uninterrupted?

The Moon, The Stars...

RuPaul once said, “I am the moon, the stars, the sun...I am everything and nothing at all.” Beautiful words, birthed from one of Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations. Instinctively, I replayed and replayed that moment of revelation some more. Wow, I thought—wide eyed. You know how it is, we usually gravitate towards people and things that are in alignment with our values. When they say or do something that connects, it is only confirming what is/has been true about our soul. Those words were lost prior to watching that interview, but I found them. I was once so trained to define who I am. Not anymore, now I leave space—space for expansion, room for change. My soul is searching this world with questions. Those questions brought me to this point in my life. It’s why I’m here. Forever, I hope to be a seeker of questions...

The Light in Darkness

The most challenging course in the Doctor of Chiropractic program was orthopedic diagnosis. It required every ounce of you, every day of your life (seriously). I remember pacing back and forth in the dingy painted hallway, prior to taking the final practical examination. I was being asked to randomly perform and verbalize (the purpose for each exam) 5 out of 150+ tests learned over 9 short weeks. I was filled with anxiety centered around the “what if’s,” but I was also filling myself with uplifting music and repeating “I am” statements (plus some prayer) to soothe the negativity. Two weeks later, exhausted, I am stretched out on the green lawn, bathing in the sun when the instructor for that course walked by smiling...she said softly, “Great job. You did it.” Quickly, I began typing my login information into my iPhone: there it was, an “A” on the practical and in the class. Her smile, those words—they signified the rarity of what I had accomplished. For me, that course taught me the dance that’s performed between negative emotions/thoughts, and the power that we each possess to fight back with the productivity of positivity.

Bill’s PRIME Seafood & Steaks

The last table of the night. Of course, they would order a bottle of merlot and decide to share an appetizer...oysters and caviar. I am also beginning to think they have finished at least a bottle of wine before arriving, they are too nice and chatty for a Monday night. I really don’t mind, it is my last week working here. And, yesterday, I returned from DC with an overwhelming feeling that it would be my new home, the place I’d be called to serve. As this table is leaving out of the restaurant, the other servers are cursing me under their breath for not rushing them out as quickly as possible. The clock ticks close to 11 o’clock. I’m smiling—not because they left me an over generous tip, although it would have been nice. As it turns out, the well-groomed Caucasian gentleman is a DC native and he plans on connecting me to his Chiropractor. Somehow, I know...instinctively, that it will lead to more.

[R e f l e c t i n g...]

Following your instincts. Being in alignment with the flow of the Universe. Remaining present. When we do that, we are powerful—powerful beyond measure. So, I’ll ask you again, what would your life look like uninterrupted?


-Dr. Darrien Jamar

P.S. from Dr. J:  I would like to answer this question, with a little reflection of my own. Reading this story from Dr. Darrien gives me so much to be thankful for as the Got Your Back Family continues to grow and thrive. I had no idea that this happened to be Dr. Darrien’s very last table to serve at his very last restaurant job, and I believe very deeply in the Universe’s message here. About 4 months ago, instinct told me to start looking for an Associate Doctor to join our family, and the stars aligned just right and sent us more than just another Doctor of Chiropractic…. And we’re more than proud to introduce him to you!  Thank you, Dr. Darrien, and thank you Universe, for making our world a better place :)

good, Better, BEST...with Love, Dr. J

Dr. Darrien Jamar Chiropractic Associate

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