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Where is your Focus?

It’s a simple question.  One of my favorite questions to ask as a gauge towards my alignment with truth, love, and abundance.  Bringing awareness to your current focus can tell you much about where you are headed and what you are attracting as a result. 

This focus can be as global as the year, more specific to the month, down to a week, and of course, to this very moment.  When patients come into Got Your Back, most believe their focus is on getting better.  They want to get “out” of whatever pain state they are in, unless perhaps, they are simply here to promote health and wellbeing.  As the conversation pursues, however, it’s more obvious that their actual focus is on the pain.  They’ve subconsciously, created an intimate relationship with the pain. 

Consider this…

Those who heal the quickest and are “back” to their normal lifestyle, are those who are more focused on where they are going.  They are motivated by vivid imagery: seeing themselves back in the gym, back running, and moving with grace.  They are not focused on what created the desire for them to visit our office, they are focused on their desired destination.

Often, we believe we are focused on the good thing but we are actually stuck in the environment that created the desire for the good or healing.  What you focus on, is what you will invite into your life.  Little by little.  Day by day.  This concept is otherwise known as the law of attraction.  We can only experience life from the forefront of our most prominent thoughts, which eventually morph into habits.  These habits become restrictive, only allowing into our life that which fits within the realm of their boundaries.  If you repeatedly say: “I am in pain. I just want to get out of pain.  I’m tired of being in pain,” your brain, body, and the universe respond to “pain.”  The invitation for pain is extended and received.  Instead, if your focus was: “I am healed.  I am healthy.  I am whole.  I am a vessel expressing an abundance of life,” your brain, body, and the Universe respond to “health.”  The invitation for health is extended and received.  This may not happen overnight, but as you consistently give your attention to what you want, your attraction level is strengthened.  Eventually, your thoughts of healing and prosperity become a magnet for thoughts of a similar nature.

In summary…




Dr. Darrien Jamar

Dr. Darrien Jamar Chiropractic Associate

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