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Why Barefoot Training?

Ever wonder why we train barefoot at GYBTH? Barefoot movement and training improves your balance, alignment, agility, power, and explosiveness. Humans weren’t meant to be stuck in shoes all day. Shoes have become both a crutch for our weak ankles and flat feet, and a cause of restrictions in our mobility and limits on our strength, putting unnecessary compensatory pressure on the knees, hips, low back, and neck.

The foot and ankle consist of 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments, 16 muscles, and are covered in proprioceptors–”sensors that provide information about joint angle, muscle length, and muscle tension,…integrated to [provide the brain with] information about the position of the limb in space.” Most movement starts with the neural firing from your feet, so just imagine how much better your kinetic chain of movement will operate if the first signal is clear and strong.

What does this means for you–the desk jockey, the weekend warrior, the fitness newbie, the runner, the yogi, the crossfitter? It means you can finally conquer new goals, decrease pain, improve mobilty and be able to access ranges of motion previously unheard of.

At GYBTH, we strive to aid you in a journey of constant improvement; to be pain free, stronger, and healthier. With barefoot training and movement, you can reach new depth in your squat by improving your ankle mobility and driving properly through your heel; you can perfect your deadlift by corkscrewing your feet into the ground, spiraling your knees out and activating your glutes so that next heavy lift is free of back pain; you can drive your force into the floor for that ballistic, rock solid kettlebell swing; you can explode up off the ground and land softly, rolling through your full foot on a box jump; your newfound balance in a crosscrawl, and quickness on an agility ladder will surprise you! And best yet, our movement coaches can tell when you’re compensating in your movements, and compromising your form, because we can see when your toes are lifting in your kettlebell squat!

So if you want to improve your speed, agility, explosiveness, power, and strength, all while improving your joint health, muscular alignment, shock absorption, mobility and movement mechanics, keep showing up while us coaches perfect your form, and push your skills and endurance!

Make sure you check our open gym and small group training on Tuesday and Thursdays and our Total Health Workshop Tuesday nights!!

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