Why Digital Motion X Ray (DMX) Works

Last week we introduced the newest member of the Got Your Back Team: The DMX, or Digital Motion X-Ray.

Why is the DMX so great?

Routine x-ray studies can’t detect these hidden pain sources. Even expensive MRIs can’t detect them. But a remarkable technology called Digital Motion X-Ray (DMX) can pinpoint undetected injuries even when routine x-rays and MRIs come back normal. Got Your Back Total Health is the ONLY office in the Washington DC area offering this state of the art technology to patients.

Why Does DMX Work?

Digital Motion X-Ray (DMX) produces an X-ray movie of your body while you’re moving. By comparison, standard x-rays and MRIs record images of your body while you remain perfectly still. DMX’s fluoroscopy technology produces 30 X-rays per second while you move the injured area and sends the images to a video monitor.

Why DMX Benefits You

Can Digital Motion X-Ray Help You?

If one or more of the following statements describes your situation, then you’ll most likely benefit from a Digital Motion X-ray exam at Got Your Back Total Health, a leading chiropractic and physical therapy office in Spring Valley neighborhood of Washington DC:

Call 202-629-3536 or visit www.gotyourbacktotalhealth.com to schedule and appointment and see just how AMAZING the DMX is!

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