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Why Kettlebells are so Effective for Strength Training

Why Kettlebells are so Effective for Strength Training

Kettlebells Align Your Body

Since you have to train each side of your body separately when training with kettlebells, each side must build up its own strength and skill to work with a particular kettlebell weight.

For example, if an athlete/patient is right side dominant they throw, shoot rely etc on their right side. As a result, they get extremely asymmetrical as their right side is dominant or stronger than their left side. Same goes for a regular human who writes or is dominant with their left hand.

While no one will ever be perfectly symmetrical, after training with kettlebells unilateral and acquire a modicum of motor control and “time under tension” less dominant or weaker sides tend to catch up to dominant sides.

Single arm pressing, get ups, arm bars and squats as well as forms of carries and bottoms up work clean up inherent asymmetries and get the body more balanced.

Kettlebell Put Less Stress on Your Body

“Kettlebells allow you to train with the lowest system load for maximal results.” Charlie Weingroff, Physical Therapist and Strength Coach

Let’s take the kettlebell swing for example, the purpose of the kettlebell swing is maximal force production. Therefore, if the correct force is applied to an 8kg (18lbs) kettlebell, that 8kg kettlebell can weigh up to 80lbs. If an 8kg kettlebell can weigh up to 80lbs with the correct force applied, imagine how much a 24kg (53lbs) kettlebell can weigh if the correct force is applied??

Subsequently, the kettlebell swing can help to improve deadlift strength because it allows you to use the lowest system load for maximal results. You are getting the most bang for your buck, by using less weight. As such, if you do not have a heavy weight available to you for deadlifts, then just do a few sets of perfect kettlebell swings and apply maximal force, and you just worked towards a stronger dead-lift.

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