Why you should join the Movementality Open Gym

Why should you join the Movementality Gym?

Got Your Back Total Health has developed a unique and proprietary approach to movement and fitness that accommodates any and all individual’ needs.

We believe that movement is the best medicine.

Listen to what one of our members had to say:

“This time last year I was 20 lbs heavier and experiencing excruciating back pain. With regular visits and the support of the GYB crew, I'm standing taller, 20 lbs lighter, and moving better than I have in my life. I strongly recommend GYB!” -Adam S

Some members are referred because of acute or chronic pain. Others join the MoveMentality Gym to get healthier, stronger or lose weight. No matter why you’ join, your personal MoveMentality plan will address all factors involved in your health. Through a comprehensive review of your health history, our staff will ensure that we have all the information necessary to work with you safely and effectively.

MoveMentality members can focus on one or more of the following:

Body Composition

Strength Acquisition

Performance Enhancement

Movement Restoration

Pain Relief

Our VIP. Membership options include monthly movement assessments and as well as world class movement programming with certified coaches and clinicians. V.I.P. options are perfect for those who want to compete at the top of their game and perform at their optimal level of physical fitness.

We also offer individualized personal training for people of all ages with specific goals. This option is great for those who want a more one on one approach. Prices may be shared with one partner, for two on one semi-personal training.

Join the MoveMentality, and move like a champion today!  

Our individualized program includes:

Initial Movement Screen and Assessment

Blood Pressure Testing and Tracking

Posture Pictures and BioPhysics Evaluation

Movement and Strength Programming

That’s a combined $300 VALUE!

You can't get that at an ordinary gym.

Contact us to learn more about our programs for helping you optimize your movement and strength potential.


good -                  

       $99 / month

  • 1 Chiro adjustment/PT Session monthly
  • V.I.P. Prices or additional products & services
  • Access to MoveMentality Open Gym is ‘a la carte.’

Better -              

     $199 / month

  • 1 Chiro adjustment/ PT session monthly
  • 4 Workouts/month (1x/wk)
  • Full Daily Access to MM Open Gym


     $299 / month

  • 2 Chiro adjustments/PT Sessions monthly
  • Up to 8 Workouts/mo (2x/wk max w/ Coach)
  • FULL Daily access to MM Open Gym (Solo Workouts)

V.I.P. Prices

$25.00 - Single Class w/ OS Certified Coach or Practitioner

$25.00 - Adjustment of Spine or Extremity

$45.00 - Adjustment of Both Spine & Extremity

$25.00 - PT (on table w/ Doctor)

$25.00 - Laser Therapy Session (reg. $50.00)

$25.00 - Off First Massage of Month

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