You Are What You, Poop!

Actually, that’s not true; it should more accurately read you are what you digest!  So, you can see how that old expression you are what you eat, is only half of the truth.  Which leads us to the point of this month’s blog.  This seems to be the season to lock & load on your diet (aka that which you eat, which is more often aligned with a particular regimen such as Atkins or Paleo).  There can be a myriad of reasons for wanting to shed pounds or improve your nutrition this spring: are you shaping up for a wedding, preparing to run a 5K, or simply desire to be a better, healthier you?  Whatever the reason, no judgment...but ask yourself, what’s your game plan to get there?

Here is a possible route, a suggestion.   I call it the “3 for 30!”   Its intention is simple:  helping you cut back on your cravings, strengthen your discipline muscles, and inch closer to your goal(s) within 30 days!

The 3 for 30:  A Nutritional RESET! 

For this to work, take a moment to sit down and reflect.  What are those 3 foods or nutritional habits that show up a bit too often in your diet? You know what I’m talking about, they are the 3 that if you did away with them forever (or at least 30 days in this scenario) you’d feel & look better. This is what my “3 for 30” would look like:  no added sugar (aka desserts), no potato chips, and no alcohol.   I have adopted this practice for some time now, and by the end of 30 days—I feel cleaner, clearer, and accomplished.  It’s the perfect nutritional RESET! 

Here are 3 “add-ons” to your 30-day challenge :)




More water. More life.

Dr. Darrien

Dr. Darrien Jamar Chiropractic Associate

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