Your Toast is Ready!

Every 10 Days.

          I always know when it’s time.  Similar to the moment a baby decides it’s ready to come into the world.  Or, more like knowing the exact moment your toast will jump out of the toaster, perfectly crisp and golden, ready for a butter and honey spread.  I am often asked:  do you get adjusted too Doc?  How often?  Through the science of simply listening to my body, I have arrived at the number ten.  Every ten days my body needs an adjustment.  Not seven days, nine, or eleven…but ten.  Anything after ten days and I am less than my best.   My quality of sleep begins to diminish, sitting in the car for more than 30 minutes becomes uncomfortable, and above all, my thoughts become more scattered.  When I’m routinely adjusted—I am happier, move more gracefully, digestion is more regular, and I’m focused. 

How about you, what’s your number?  What do you notice about your body when routinely adjusted?

Nerdy Goodness.

          A study conducted at the University of California College of Medicine Professor, followed 2,818 chiropractic patients and examined their response to routine care (1).  The study found that patients under consistent chiropractic care noted positive enhancements in their physical health, improved psychological flexibility in managing thoughts and emotions, increased overall confidence, greater well-being and enjoyment of life.  How is this possible?

           Surrounding each of our thoughts are chemical reactions, obviously you are not consciously involved in that process (but it happens).  When nerve dysfunction exists in our body, caused by misalignments of the spine for example, disharmony occurs affecting areas of our brain responsible for managing emotions.  When our emotions are impacted by static communication or nerve dysfunction, our perception of the world and overall mood is negatively altered.  By getting adjusted, we enhance efficient communication between your body and brain (via the nervous system), promoting the release of feel good hormones called endorphins. 

What’s your number?

         Pay attention to your body, particularly before an adjustment.  What’s going on within you?  Write on a sticky note or in the notes section of your phone.  Then, describe how you feel following the adjustment:  that day and the day after.  What’s your sleep like?  Digestion? Thoughts/Emotions?

          The “your number game” is only effective after you’ve moved out of the intensive and corrective phases of care, which surrounds the issues that bring most people into our office.  This question is more so for individuals who have moved out of pain and are striving towards a healthy, sustainable “total health” plan of maintaining your optimal wellness.  Just like there is a certain amount of time that makes your toast JUST the way you like it, you too have a magic number for when you need an adjustment.  That number keeps you clear and connected.  Give it a try.  Share your thoughts!


Love & Health,

Dr. Darrien Jamar




Dr. Darrien Jamar Chiropractic Associate

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