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Third Annual Crawl

Sept 30 2018 10 am - 12 pm

A Weekend Full of ORIGINAL STRENGTH Goodness to Betterness to Bestness.

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Along with the VISION to educate the world about the benefits of Original Strength restorative movement, we also envision the Annual Crawl on the Mall to be the largest gathering of the Original Strength Family around the world! Washington, DC is a large metropolitan area, and we hope to bring together a very large network of gyms, studios, social groups, proactive people, coaches, doctors, parents, grandparents, athletes and policy makers. As Original Strength grows, so does our awareness, and while we hope to grow our family of coaches and educators, we are also excited to build a weekend full of competition, education, networking, clinics, workshops and even research discussions in the future.

Featuring music by Inc Well and The Free Word

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On October 15th GYBTH Crawled the Mall

On October 15th GYBTH Crawled the Mall. On top of the beautiful weather and perfect location, we had patients, family members as well as friends from as far North Carolina and New York. Under the banner of a blue sky and nestled in between the cradle of democracy, we “pressed reset”, restoring and rejuvenating our bodies and nervous systems. 

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