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MoveMentality Open Gym


MoveMentality "Open Gym" requires a new member intake, including screening and assessment necessary to understand previous injury and avoid future injury. Screening and Assessment for new members includes PostureScreen, vital screening, BMI testing and OSSA (movement screen). All of these examinations will be monitored for progress throughout your time as a member.

Open Gym Memberships and Classes: Membership Details:

Memberships are up to 50% tax-deductible. 50% of your membership will be donated to The GYBFoundation. The GYB Foundation is a Collaborative Foundation of Proactive Wellness and "Total Health" Care for Every Body. Got Your Back Total Health will utilize 50% for one copay per month AND available classes based on your chosen membership.


$150 - includes 1 class per month

$250 - includes 2 classes per month

$350 - includes 4 classes per month (1/week)


Personal Training - get 15% off weekly and 10% off monthly personal training packages!

30 minutes: $75; 2/month = $135; 4/month = $255

60 minutes $130; 2/month = $234; 4/month = $442


Pairs (Bring a friend!)

30 minutes: $130

60 minutes: $170


Please contact us with any questions!


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