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What is THE MoveMentality?



What is the MoveMentality®?

The MoveMentality® System is our unique and proprietary combination of movement, mindset and awareness of total body health. It is “intelligence in movement,” and at Got Your Back Total Health, we believe that we all have the capacity for a healthy mental attitude where we truly understand the benefits of our personalized physical therapy. We’ve designed our gym and classes to adapt to people on ANY level, and for a variety of different goals and achievements. Our small, semi-private, group training classes are designed to help you return to the body you were meant to have, whether you come in pain, or preparing for a tournament. The MoveMentality® will help you rebuild your foundation of stability and mobility, ultimately reducing your chance for injury while maximizing your efforts to build strength and resilience. If you want a strong heart, mind and body, our MoveMentality® System has been created specifically for you!

New members will not be required to be patients prior to joining! MoveMentality "Open Gym" requires a new member intake process. This includes screening and assessment necessary to understand previous injury and avoid future injury. Screening and Assessment for new members includes PostureScreen, vital screening, BMI testing and OSSA (movement screen). All of these examinations will be monitored for progress throughout your time as a member. 


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How It Works

(aka: How to get out of PAIN...and go from good to Better to BEST)

Step By Step




    Initial Visit
    & Evaluation



    Take a Tour of the GYB Total Health Clinic and MoveMentality Culture

    Fill out a Patient Application

    Consultation, Evaluation and Movement Assessments/Screenings with Dr. Klein

    Digital Motion X-ray




    Further Introduction to the MoveMentality® System

    Improve Reflexive Stability, Enhance Mobility, Develop Renewed Strength, Flexibility and Body Control

    Continued Assessments and Screenings




    MoveMentality(R) System &
    Physical Therapy





    Chiropractic Adjustments and Chiropractic BioPhysics(R) (CBP)



    Corrects Balance and Alignment of the Spine

    Improves Structural Alignment of Spine and Body

    Stimulates Nervous System to Improve Posture and Reflexive Patterns



    Gently Restores Spinal Curvatures

    Improve Forward Head Posture

    Helps Sustain Improved Outcomes

    Get Started





    Traction for Spinal Restoration

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