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MoveMentality Solution

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Chiropractor located in Chevy Chase, Washington, DC

MoveMentality® Open Gym is now going to be our nonprofit, cash, donation-based “gym membership” that will fund the Got Your Back Foundation, our 501(c)3, aiming to level the playing field by creating access to chiropractic and restorative, physically therapeutic movement for all! Get in for your next fitness class at Got Your Back Total Health in Spring Valley, Washington, DC, today! The expert trainers tailor exercises to fit your abilities, so you can benefit from any class you attend. Call or use the website’s guide to set up your membership and select classes.



MoveMentality Solution Q & A

Why is MoveMentality® different from other gyms?

The integrative MoveMentality® System offered by Got Your Back Total Health is a proprietary combination of your mindset and awareness of your total body health. Team members believe everyone has the ability to fully understand the benefits of exercise and physical therapy and reach their full health potential.

The small, semi-private classes are designed with you in mind. Because each class and nearly every type of exercise can be adapted to fit your abilities, you can get started right away — often shortly after an injury or surgery.

Which types of classes does the gym offer?

MoveMentality® coaches, trainers, and clinicians are here to teach you to move without pain, and help you get from good to Better to BEST! Our clients and patients all appreciate the time they get to spend on our floor, under the supervision of an Original Strength-certified teacher's guidance.

Classes often combine various techniques and styles of workouts. Some of the most common classes include:

  • Strength training
  • Yoga
  • Cycling
  • Low-impact cardio


The classes are easily adaptable for all fitness levels, so don’t be discouraged about signing up if you’re new to group classes. Whether you need to recover from an injury, start working out after surgery, or get ready for a competition, the hands-on trainers help you get the most out of your session.

What is the cost of group classes at the gym?

Your membership package cost is tailored to how often you want to work out. We offer discounted introductory packages as low as $19 for a two-week trial, then our full price packages start at as little as $30 per month!* Memberships at MoveMentality® Gym are tax-deductible donations (up to 50%), paying it forward to help the Got Your Back Foundation Team achieve its goals of chiropractic and restorative movement for everyBODY!

How do I sign up for a group class at the gym?

Signing up for group classes at MoveMentality® Gym is easy. After selecting your membership package, visit the Got Your Back Total Health website to check out the class schedule. Click the “join” button to enroll in a class. Trainers offer classes that fit around your schedule from early in the morning to later in the evening — and even some afternoon classes.

* Additional fees may apply.


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