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Nutrition Specialist

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At Got Your Back Total Health in Washington, D.C., you can get the nutrition counseling and supplements you need to be in the best health of your life. As a top nutrition expert, Justin Klein, DC strives to help you become the healthiest you can be, even if you have a busy, demanding schedule. Find out how Dr. Klein and his team can help you by scheduling a nutrition consultation either online or over the phone.


Why should I see a doctor about nutrition?

Everything you put into your body plays a role in your overall health. Between food, drinks, dietary supplements, and prescription medications, your body responds to everything you consume.

Some responses are beneficial, such as eating properly before a workout to have the energy you need. Other responses are unhealthy, like having high cholesterol because you consume too much alcohol or have a diet high in trans-fatty acids. In other cases, you might be doing everything right, but you still gain weight. That's why it’s important to talk with a doctor who has experience and training in nutrition.

They can help you determine which nutrients you need more of, and which foods are detrimental to your health. Plus, if you have dietary limitations or concerns, like avoiding gluten, your medical practitioner can help you find foods that you like to eat, so your nutrition plan stays on target.

How can proper nutrition help me?

Following a healthy eating plan can benefit you in so many ways. For instance, if you’ve been struggling to lose weight or don’t know why you’re gaining weight, working directly with Dr. Klein and following his customized nutrition plan can help you reach your goals. Proper nutrition can also help you:

  • Perform your best as an athlete
  • Recover more quickly from an injury or surgery
  • Maintain a healthy weight

Proper nutrition and healthy eating are even beneficial if you have a chronic disease. If you have high blood pressure, for example, learning how to reduce your sodium intake can help.

Do I need nutritional supplements?

Possibly. Dr. Klein is passionate about helping you look and feel your best. But he understands that you probably don’t have time to spend preparing balanced, nutritionally perfect meals every day.

That's why he offers several of his favorite nutritional supplements and products right in the office. You may benefit from these supplements if you:

  • Need to lose weight
  • Have a nutritional deficiency
  • Are a vegetarian or vegan
  • Exercise or train vigorously

Dr. Klein not only teaches you the importance of daily nutritional density — rather than counting calories — he also explains how nutritional supplements can benefit your body. He proudly offers a wide variety of Isagenix® nutrition products. The team at Got Your Back Total Health is happy to hold you accountable and be your support system for your new, healthy lifestyle change.

If you’re ready to get started on your custom nutrition plan, book your health evaluation at Got Your Back Total Health either online or over the phone.