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Sports Medicine Specialist

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Chiropractor located in Chevy Chase, Washington, DC

Got Your Back Total Health is a chiropractic care center specializing in sports medicine and physical therapy. The facility serves residents in and around the Washington, D.C. and Spring Valley areas.

Sports Medicine Q & A

How is sports medicine different than general medicine?

Sports medicine is designed to meet the unique needs of the athlete. Whether they are a weekend warrior or a professional athlete who competes on a regular basis, athletes are more physically fit and have more muscle that must be maintained during the healing process, especially if they plan on returning to their sport. Many injuries incurred during competitive play affect the structure of the body differently. Twists and tears in the cartilage of joints are a common problem chiropractors and sports med doctors face. They must be able to repair the structure, strengthen the body and improve mobility and range of motion, while also maintaining the structural integrity of other areas of the body.

What are common conditions treated by doctors who specialize in sports medicine?

Athletes can incur a wide variety of injuries including pinched nerves, herniated discs, sprains/strains of the joints, and broken bones and fractures. Doctors who specialize in sports medicine can take into account the additional muscle tone and level of fitness each athlete has and can adapt a treatment plan that will allow them to begin to work toward regaining the mobility and range of motion they are accustomed to. Damage to certain joints, especially the knees, may require extensive repair. While the athlete may not be able to continue competing, full range of motion and movement may be able to be restored.

How does massage therapy help athletes prevent injuries?

Massage therapy is extremely beneficial because it helps the athlete regain muscle strength and tone without bearing weight or stressing the injured areas of the body. Deep tissue massage improves circulation, flooding the injured area with freshly oxygenated blood. The additional oxygen and nutrients the injured tissues receives help to hasten the healing process. Combining chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, and massage offers the patients the keys to preventing further injury. This is achieved by allowing the body to regain its prior level of fitness without exceeding its limits during the healing.

Insurance Policy

We are In-Network with Blue Cross/Blue Shield only, however, we do accept ALL other insurances with out-of-network benefits for chiropractic and physical therapy services. Please feel free to call our office (and contact your insurance carrier) for more information about your coverage options.

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